Lauren Lewitzky

Mandatory Posting: A Commitment to Health and Safety for All to See

While there has been a spirited discussion or two about certain government rules and regulations -
with differing opinions coming in to play, it’s hard to dispute the value of mandatory posting.

It really is just one of those good ideas and for some very good reasons:
It keeps workplace health and safety in plain sight. Posting all mandatory components in a high
traffic location acts as a constant reminder that it is crucial to work safely and that there are a full
range of options should any issues arise. It also makes an important statement about an
organization’s commitment to the well-being of its employees.
It is an instant resource. While many of us take for granted our understanding of key rights and
responsibilities of workplace parties, the three workers’ rights and other fundamental workplace
legislation, there are many who are not up to speed. And given the number of seasonal and young
workers in place across the agriculture sector, having this information visible and available can play an
important role in ensuring they understand their responsibilities, as well as the responsibilities of
those with whom they work.
It is a definitive resource. The Act is the centerpiece of mandatory postings and is the final word on
health and safety in Ontario. It contains all workplace legislation and gives every operation, large and
small, definitive information on the roles and responsibilities of all workplace parties.
It is the law. If there is any doubt as to how important mandatory postings are considered, operating a
business while not being in compliance will result in a fine.

The following are the current mandatory posting requirements in Ontario. They apply to workplaces
with more than five employees unless ordered by an inspector:
1. Employment Standards in Ontario Poster: This poster outlines employees’ rights and
employers’ responsibilities in the workplace.
2. Health & Safety at Work - Prevention Starts Here Poster: This one also details the rights and
responsibilities of workplace parties as well as providing a Ministry of Labour phone number
to report critical injuries, fatalities, work refusals and to obtain information about workplace
health and safety.
3. Occupational Health and Safety Act: Employers are required to post a copy of this resource
featuring all workplace legislation in Ontario.
4. Health and Safety Policy: This document must be prepared and reviewed at least once a year
and cover your organization’s health and safety policy and its implementation.
5. Workplace Violence and Harassment Policies: Employers must prepare policies and programs
specific to workplace violence and harassment and review them at least once a year.

Take advantage of the benefits associated with mandatory postings. Positioning them prominently in
your operation can only result in a more informed team and lead to a safer working environment for

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) provides free access to these resources, and more. Visit the WSPS Small Business Centre and follow the Roadmap for Small Business. Mandatory Posting is covered in Step One – Get It.

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